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Amani Abou-Ammo AKA Emmila

My Story

Amani Abou-Ammo with her little daughter, Mila

I'm Amani, a former IT person. In November 2014, I became a mom to a precious girl with multiple disabilities, Mila. I decided to quit my job leaving behind my career and passion, and took my role as a full time mom . Since her birth, Mila has been exposed to tons of chemicals and x-rays, all of which have exposed her to long term risks. I have always aimed for switching to natural stuff where possible to avoid more harm. That's when I came across Essential Oils and had amazing results, so I decided to study the science behind it to understand more and so help others where possible!


I finished my diplomas in Aromatherapy and Bach Flower Remedies, and got certified in Natural Holistic Essential oils. My journey has actually begun here; as I continued studying and experimenting until I became a certified skincare formulator and creator.


With my strong belief in nature and the fact that non-organic means chemicals, I ONLY create my products using organic ingredients, while incorporating the latest known ingredients to benefit your skin safely!

As I love wearing jewelry, and to go with the same line of essential oils, I design and make Aroma Jewelry as a side gig. My jewelry carry Lava Stone, a piece of natural rock that carries essential oil for hours, which is why it is called "Aroma Jewelry". 


My passion for tech hasn't fade away, for I built my website 🖥 and am the only person doing every single detail here.

I have my own in-house lab; I create and experiment my recipes and so can benefit you with details like actual side effects, average time for a blend to work, and what result to expect. Feel free to reach out and ask any question and I would be more than happy to answer you. :) 

Emmila 🖋

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